Let’s celebrate some more rejection with this cartoon. Translated for your convenience this time!

It’s pretty topical here in Belgium – it’s past half of May, and it’s still a miserly 12 degrees (C) here, cold, grey and rainy. It’s supposed to be a sunny 20 by now! But it could be worse. In the evening news, I saw it was snowing in Portugal and Spain. What the hell?

I hope the weather predictions are wrong and the real spring will return later this week. Got a big birthday coming up on Thursday… :P

4 thoughts on “Brrrrr…

  1. As I adore cold and want to live in a fridge when outside is above 20, that makes a quite good tourism advertisement :D But hey, here in Poland we got snow on Easter Holidays bigger than during Christmas. Unfortunately (for me) now its 25-28.

  2. I, too, live in a place where in May it runs about 60F (15) and I LOVE it. I would adore 12C and find that my grip on courtesy and being nice runs thin as it gets warmer… my husband and I call the air conditioner the ‘marriage saver’.

  3. Nop, it’s true! It´s snowing in Portugal, in Serra da Estrela!
    In Oporto, it’s 15ºC max, which is fairly below the average temp this time of year.. :(
    I’m considering emigration to Brazil :D

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