53 thoughts on “Anatomy of a hug

  1. “Mas se ela voltar,
    que coisa linda, que coisa louca

    Pois há menos peixinhos a nadar no mar,
    Do que os beijinhos que eu darei na sua boca

    Dentro dos meus braços os abraços hão
    de ser milhões de abraços
    Apertado assim, colado assim, calado assim,
    Abraços e beijinhos e carinhos sem ter fim

    Que é pra acabar com esse negócio
    de você viver sem mim”
    (Chega de Saudade – Tom Jobim & Vinícius de Moraes)

    Oh, if she come back
    What a beautifulk thing! What a mad thing!
    There will be less little fish in the sea
    than the kisses I’ll givei her mouth

    In my arms, there will be millions of hugs
    thight like that, glued like that, shut like that
    hugs and kisses, and endless caresses

    So there will be no more of such a thing
    as you being far away from me.

  2. Though I am but a poor boy with naught to buy your shirts, I do believe the hearts and loins of others must surely burst if you don’t transcribe this beauty onto a shirt.

  3. Boxershorts would a sexy alternative for t-shirts, especially for this one. Or an apron (suddenly having a flashback of a movie star cooking, only dressed in an apron). A dog t-shirt? Don’t be shy about the Cafepress.com thing, make a little more prominent on your website, it is very well hidden!

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  5. Oh…

    C’mon now, hugs are a beautiful thing, those top four are true, but, c’mon. Gwa! Not a bad cartoon but still… Agh! Love and sexuality must sometimes be seperated if you understand me?

  6. Then again, just thinking, even if this is not the author’s (Jeroen’s) own intention, it can be interpreted that the character (dunno his name) is thinking the same way I am and that this is now the wrong time to be feeling sexually aroused if he is sharing a compassionate moment?

  7. Awww hugs are lovely! But is there really that much brain activity going on?
    I know I get to that point in the hug when you know you’ve got to move your leg but it’s started to stick as it is and you’ve got to shift your whole weight onto your other leg to stop yourself falling over.
    Hugs should be available on demand for everyone! A hug a day keeps the doctor away.

  8. Awesome. Haha. Just awesome.
    And @Mark, I agree with you, and my first impression was the last thing you said, that it was a case in which the guy didn’t want that to happen. Haha. Ahhh makes me laugh every time I look at it fresh again. Great work dude.

  9. Romance for the girls and sex for the boys…works for everyone! (althou now i’ll be thinking a boy might be going hard if I hug him for too long!)

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  13. When I hug someone: X3 <3 -thinking- I don’t wanna let go. o___o
    I love hugging people, pets, and other things like stuffed animals. I hope my brain doesn’t retain the text of this picture or else I might remember it when I’m hugging a guy and hurt my brain from too much thought over one simple thing.

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