New Happysad T-shirt design

By – ahem – general request, I’ve uploaded the “Anatomy of a hug” cartoon from last week to my little Cafepress shop.

For those who are wondering why you can find only one single cartoon there: Cafepress makes you pay for a store with multiple designs in it, and I wanted to find out first if that is worth it by starting out small. Up until now, I’ve sold 2 (two) tees, and one of those apparantly was by mistake. QED…

I know there’s always some discussion about the quality, level of service and pricing of Cafepress. All I can say is that a) I’ve never used them so I wouldn’t know about that, but b) CP and I aren’t married, so if you know of a better alternative (with international shipment), please do let me know.

Now, go buy buy buy :-)

3 thoughts on “New Happysad T-shirt design

  1. maybe you can submit the cartoon to threadless? although that is both some kind of a contest and a T-shop, there’s no guarantee your design will actually get printed.
    they have really cool tees though … i’d definitely vote for you!

  2. I want to buy a happysad T-shirt but I don’t really like shirts that have too much going on with them. I’d prefer a simple design.

    Maybe just our hero saying something funny, or with a clever caption.

    and on a color other than plain white…

    if you offered that I’d buy it without a second thought.

    just so you know

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