Fingers crossed…

If my site suddenly looks all different and messed up, it’s because I’ve (tried to) upgrade my WordPress installation, and I still have to fix some odds and ends. If everything looks okay, disregard this nonsense.

Update: yes it appears to work, phew. Of course, when I wrote “I” was going to do the upgrade, I really meant: sit down and watch my mate Anton do all the work. Thanks Anton!

6 thoughts on “Fingers crossed…

  1. Since you are making an update, could you also update the lightbox plugin for one that allows galleries?

    Ive been going through the archive (great strips, and so many!), but the interface is awful, had to create a GreaseMonkey script to use an updated lightbox script that allowed to move through the images in lightbox mode.

    A great one is Lightbox 2 –

  2. @ Pedro: I did upgrade the Lightbox-plugin (which is different from Lightbox 2) but yes, I admit it: it is utter crap.

    I really really want a gallery that’s useful and practical and nice to look at, but if I’m going to switch, I also need to find a way to somehow efficiently insert 700+ cartoons, instead of doing that manually and one by one… as I’ve been doing up until now.

    If anyone could help a nOOb like me out with that, I’d be most grateful!

  3. Jeroen,

    I seem to remember having offered you some help on these kind of things some time before. Offer still stands ;-) You are welcome to take me up on it.

    Grz, Juliette

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