10 thoughts on “Warning

  1. As a woman, I don’t think it’s a turnoff. Confidence does attract people but sensitive characters bring out the mother in us, and we usually get on a noble quest of rescuing the guy from his fears :)

  2. A balance between the two would be perfect. A rescue won’t get you laid, it’ll only get you smuthered(sp?) in motherly love. And you already have a mother;).

  3. If I knew you in person, i’d probably attempt something with u. just because i feel i know your deepest darkest secrets… altho… it would also terrify me that this “girl” (the sauna friend) decides to love u back… then you’d ditch me in a second!

  4. I also don’t think it’s a turn-off. But, sometimes, this lack of self confidence can be a trap, cuz we think that this kind of guys could never hurt us, and that’s not what really happens in the end.

  5. Jeroen, one never knows what life awaits.
    in my country we have a saying “la perseverancia vence lo que la dicha no alcanza” which means “perseverance achieves what happiness can’t”. so, in the end, you might finally get what you want (a.k.a. sauna girl) ;)

  6. Defenitly not turnoff! I like it when a guy is in touch with his emotions. Usually they are more interesting, more able to have deep conversations and are pretty easy so like :)

  7. Everyone has a weaker side inside of them. Not showing them would just mean not showing their emotions, being afraid, etc. I’d take an emotional guy over a “tough” one anyday ;)

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