9 thoughts on “Fan speaks up

  1. Maris: yeah but I couldn’t fit over 30 lines of text in one frame :-P.

    But credit where credit is due, it’s true you said: “most females might be more attracted to…”. Consider it a tad of artistic license ;-)

  2. Preceded by “Perhaps it is part of the ruthless natural instinct that…”, and followed by “… [I'm not] encouraging you to ‘come across’ (…) as more happy than you actually are. (…) The point is (…) that perhaps you should *be* more happy than you are…”.

    Consider it a tad of free speech by a picky lawyer :)

  3. The reason we love you cartoon so much, is because we feel that it somehow describes our own lives. We are all somewhat unsecure, and we have all been rejected sometime, and we all want to be loved.

    The tragedy/comedy of your life, is our own!

  4. @Huarru: yeah, I’ve read that article before (naturally…). It does make some valid points but come on, I’m not THAT hopeless either, m’kay :)

    @Maris: maybe I should just post the whole thing ;-)

  5. Haha, well I sure hope you are not that hopeless. I do recognize some points made by the article to a certain degree in the comic. Although it makes the comic “happy sad” and not just “happy happy”.

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