12 Responses to “A-ha!”

  1. 1 George

    A-ha! A tactic I haven’t tried yet. I shall use it at once.


  2. 2 Nico

    If only it could works in reality :-)

    I love really this strip =D

  3. 3 rené


  4. 4

    (aw crap)

  5. 5 R. Prince

    (+1000 Gold)

    Oh, it doesn’t work either.

  6. 6 Boodie

    This must be a european/american thing, I’ve never heard of the call back and forth Marco/Polo thing in Australia, is there a point to it?

  7. 7 Da5id

    Boodie – it’s a game, often played in swimming pools and/or lawns: One person closes their eyes/is blindfolded, and constantly calls out “Marco!”. The other people try to evade the blinded person whilst replying “Polo!”.

    …or at least, that’s how I always played it growing up.

  8. 8 Huarru

    Never heard of that game, but it sounds like fun :D

  9. 9
  10. 10 Franky

    My comment is nowhere near as informative as J°, but no less entertaining…

    And Boodie, I’m in Melb, have played this game all summer for the past 24 years! :D Though we used to call the game Fish Outta Water, or Shark. Same rules though.

    And as a random bit of trivia, you’ll all be pleased to know that it was only this summer just gone that I could do Alligator Eyes, where you can open your eyes under water. :) Anyway, that’s enough embarrassing information.

  11. 11 Shapewear


  12. 12 HatTime?

    Shave and a haircut…

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