16 thoughts on “The interview

  1. Hmmm … I know that people will kill me, but…
    Maybe you should quit and start something new. Not that I didn’t like what you doing here (I drop by every day), but after some time one should think of doing things in a differnt way or doing different things in a usual way…


  2. He should get laid! ;)

    Or, even better, both of them wake up. In the same bed. Headache. They look at eachother and realise they spent the night together. But did anything happen? … you can make it nicely ambigious!

  3. Could be posibly a cartoon about “what if…?” I mean, what if the nasty lady turns back and love our hero? what if they get married?

    Something like that… what you think?

  4. Well, when comes to pain, no one can understand the person that is expiriencing it. We could only imagine, but that is lame.
    So don’t bother too much with ignorant ones. Maybe you should stop seeing her, what would your life be? And what would happen if the two of you meet after a while? Time marches on never ending, time keeps its time….

  5. e-Mino definitely thought about the same. So ‘get laid’, in colour, like a dream that fades away in the morning, but this time doesn’t leave a sour taste.

  6. Turn the tables. Have her get dumped, lots of cartoons about her trying to win our hero back, culminating in ‘the kiss’ (or whatever!),he then realises he’s actually not that keen on her anymore,rejects her, and SHE becomes the happysad one. Tada! (And ignore ANYONE that suggests stopping! Unless you’re going to start a new one)

  7. Jeroen: Same sentiment here (man.. my own strip is becoming more and more like happysad, but hey.. multiple people can have the same problems ;))

    Anyway – whatever you feel like doing for #1000, you can do anything you like, as long as it doesn’t include ‘stopping the strip’ ;)

  8. Jeroen, DON’T listen to bart.be: you HAVE to keep on drawing for our pleasure, you’ve become a slave to your audience. DON’T go out! Stay inside and draw, draw and draw even more! ;)

    P.S. Get him laid. It’s the only sane thing to do for a 1000th comic.

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