As I was updating the Happysad gallery on my (still crappy) alternative website www.happysad.be, I noticed I miscounted my cartoons. Apparently I haven’t published a thousand Happysad episodes, but 1001! The question now remains: should I continue, to make it a nice, even number again? ;-)

Still very much enjoying my holidays BTW, and thanks for (still) dropping by! :-)


29 thoughts on “Woops

  1. “The question now remains: should I continue, to make it a nice, even number again?”
    (with all the respect for your feellings and needs) yes.
    I mean, it would be welcome (and you know it).
    Enjoy your time, get inspiered, and whatever you decide we’re here ;)

  2. Is that even a real question?
    I’m desperately waiting for a comic with a nice and even number!

    Maybe you can make a comic about rhetorical questions. ;)
    But that is just an idea of course..

  3. I’d love to see more and actually, even John (Garfield) has a girlfriend now. I guess everybody would love to see the second half/second side of happysad.

  4. Take the first one as number 0 and you’ll be at 1000 again… just kidding.

    Enjoy your break (I know you’ll be back, so I’m not gonna ask you for it) Finishing with the 1002th, or with the 10000th one is your decision, and whichever choice you made we will love every single of your comic strips.

    So relax, get a girl and show us 999 strips of 99% happiness and 1% nostalgia!

  5. I’ve read every happysad cartoon you’ve made, and, while making me laugh, they’ve inspired thoughts about myself that I would not have thought to question if not for this cartoon. It is my opinion that you continue, but do whatever makes YOU happy. That’s what matters most. :)

  6. You should do it until you get bored of it, I wouldn’t want you to be contracted to do something you’re not in to. I love your comic because you do it on your own time and really make them personal instead of turning in to a drone that just turns out strip after strip of mediocre comics. But please come back, I know you want to :P.

  7. Mate, if you don’t update, you’re gonna start getting bombarded with fan art, because like someone else said, we all miss the little guy! :D

    Hope the break’s going well.

  8. Keep going – but give yourself some happy side too. Maybe some dates to make her jealous or even a full time girlfriend for the two of them to play off of each other.

    Thanks for the fun so far!

  9. I believe this is a sign that happysad should continue… 1001… and still counting…
    Go for it We all love it and you know that!!!!
    btw enjoy the vacation… come back with a new start!!!
    take care

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