9 thoughts on “Get with the program

  1. I just finished reading EVERY HAPPYSAD COMIC today. I don’t know when I started but, you sir, are a genius. I’ve been hooked on these comics and honestly I’m sad that my reading has come to an end, for now.
    I just want to know,
    When do you publish new comics?
    Is it daily, weekly, or sporadically?

  2. She’s a smart lady… I lost my Best Friend by making him my boyfriend and the father of my kids. Now his status changed from Best Friend to EX-boyfriend. But as he is the father of my kids, I’m confronted with my loss on regular basis.
    She really is smart and you should be honored to have such a great BFF :-)

  3. Adriel, except for his vacations or some “I have no inspiration right now, I’ll be back in a few days”, Jeroen publish almost every day but not the week-end.

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