Good news for iPad users!

In the past few weeks, Coral Gonzalez, a wonderful Happysad fan from Mexico, has made the tremendous effort of putting all my cartoons from 2006 to 2011 into iBooks. Initially for her personal convenience, so she could read them in a more practical format, but when they were finished, she offered to make them available to everyone. Sounded like an awesome idea, and so I agreed.

The six iBooks, one per year, are now available in the iBookStore. And they are BEAUTIFUL! Coral really did a great job there! Just use iTunes or your iBooks app to go to the store and search for ‘Happysad’.You’ll need iOS5 to be able to read them.

And the best part? They’re completely FREE!

Thanks again, Coral!


6 thoughts on “Good news for iPad users!

  1. give them a finger and they’ll take the whole arm xD

    even if i’m not an iAnything-user… *thumbs up* for coral :)

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