Happy Easter!

Okay, I know, I’m a day late. But I thought this would be better than yet another lame and predictable April Fool’s joke today. Such as announcing a Happysad comeback or something. That would just be cruel.

Hi everybody! How are you doing?


7 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. I’m doing pretty good… coming out of a long and scary health ‘thing’, I hope…

    I was thinking about this comic the other day and what the Comic, Eddie Izzard (totally smart funny), said about learning languages… that it seems that those who have English as the ‘first’ or native language seem to have issues learning other languages where most of the rest of the world know 2 or maybe more… and those who speak Dutch seem to naturally understand and speak 10 bazzilion languages… is that a stereotype? You obviously are well versed in English and I am assuming at least as well versed in Dutch… So, I guess I am asking how you look at language or how you feel about learning it. I have studied several languages to no avail… I have learning issues and I have yet to find a way around that. How do you learn the languages around you… or is it just that you grew up that way?

    Wow… that was rambley. But hopefully you get my point.

  2. I’d be happy to answer that question Elisabeth. First off, since Belgium is a bi-lingual (officially even a tri-lingual) country, we all get to learn French at school, next to Dutch, and sometimes also some German. And English too of course, because duh. A lot of people like to add some Italian or Spanish later too. So we do consider ourselves polyglots and particularly well-versed in English, but I can assure you that I get to hear quite a lot of very cringe-worthy “Flenglish” (combination of Flemish and English) on an almost daily basis :-) In my particular situation: I’m the offspring of two high school teachers who both taught Dutch and English. So I must have picked up something at home, or maybe it’s genetic :)

    Hope your scary health thing is gone for good!

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