Show ‘n’ tell

For lack of new cartoons (yes, still) I thought I’d show you a few other things I’ve been trying out earlier. Mostly because people came with a request for them, so not because I was dragging myself out of my comfort zone… but sometimes it’s nice if other people can do that for you :)

The first is a card announcing the birth of the son of a friend of mine, who is a house painter – hence the theme. Some people may also recognise the logo I used. I wasn’t sure what people were going to think about my fairly ‘non-traditional’ approach, but I hear people really liked it, so Yeay :-)

And speaking of logos, I was also asked to design a logo, another thing I have virtually no experience in. But again, my clients were very pleased with in, so Double Yeay. (Never mind what D-A-D means. No relation with the previous assignment either.)

So there. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Show ‘n’ tell

  1. good to see your capability ;) cartoons are great, and you made our little friends a bunch of good faces that transmitted the message, but seeing your work with colours and on two completely different topics reassures that you are not the one, who is limited to only one style.
    Your works are great ;)

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