The rendez-vous dilemma

Right here!

All this time, I have never realised that my quest for true love is essentially nothing more than a mathematical problem.
Looks like next year, I will continue to move around in a random fashion even more…

7 thoughts on “The rendez-vous dilemma

  1. Ah, well. Maybe if the both of you sit still, someone will point one of you to the other.

    The trick then is to not move at the same time. >

  2. @ Jonas: Yes it’s inspired by Hitch-Hiker’s.
    Mathematically, it’s always better to go and look unless you think there is a better than 50% chance she will be staying put and waiting for you. As far as I can tell, people tend to be less than totally sedentary, so looking gives you a greater probability of finding her. QED.
    And I wonder why I haven’t found her yet… *facepalm*

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