Hee gast! Laat een boodschap na de beep.


(Effe refreshen als je daarna je eigen onzin wilt lezen)

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  2. BEEP ! knappe happysad en ik pikte dan ook de url om op mijn mobile perso/site te kloppen … i know, life sucks maar als je wil klop ik je link er weer af hoor grtz and keep on the good work

  3. Hye hye!

    Als je nu pas gaat kijken op het hamjournaal, en er nu pas achterkomt dat deze website bestaat,
    dan is het logisch dat de examens wat slechter gaan :p.
    Very nice ^-^

  4. omg! your comics are great! you have no idea how much i relate :D i’ve never felt such a mix of emotions reading a webcomic..
    one second i’m laughing out loud, the other i’m remembering things better left in the past.. you da man!

    btw, i’m from beirut, so finding ur site’s really cheered up a rather depressing day here (follow our news and u’ll know why hehe).

    keep up the good work!!

  5. dank je wel uit duitsland.
    I’ve stumbled on your site this evening and, for the very first time, read an entire blog.
    Your English is impressive (Callipygous – nuff sed!) and the cartoons are drawn with pleasing simplicity.
    makes me want to star a blog myself, but unfortunately I can’t draw, tell jokes or put things succinctly.

  6. çoooooooooooooooook manyak güzel abi zenin zekana hayranım nerden düsündü vvvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy be böyle insanlkarda varmıs

  7. i just stumbled into ur site accidently once and i loved all the cartoons!!! n i keep coming here daily to check out the latest one! i even joined the group dedicated to u on facebook…i guess the best thing about ur cartoons are the simplicity and the humour…! keep it up…

  8. When I first read your comics I thought you were like me because of the apparent loneliness and uncertainty. Then I read some more and realized we’re nothing alike. So now I feel even more lonely and uncertain.

  9. I just had to say that your comics are so amazing. So simple yet so funny, intereting and most of all, there’s always truth in them. Keep up the great work. :D

  10. Man, you are so right and you are so right… Did I tel you that?
    This cartoon is only for people with heart…
    You have big one, for true! And big balls, perhaps, when you can say all this to everyone… You couldn’t said it if you were not in love…
    Man, I’m so happy I google-d it…
    From my country pay pal doesn’t work (we in Serbia are fucked in every possible way, don’t know even more why) and if it worked I couldn’t afford it :)
    Nevertheless I wish you to finish this cartoon only in your real life, please continue with good work (the best)

  11. The process of unrequited love is everlasting impression on anyone with a thought of ‘what if I waited just a bit longer’ in the back of your mind.

    By reading your comics and your ironic interpretations,

    You have given me a gift I cannot describe,

    Thank you :)

    Best Wishes~

  12. He Jeroen,

    Hope all is well and remember ‘all is fair in love and war’.
    Would love to see an update on the hypothetical love story which seemed to be evolving.


  13. hi…

    i stumbled upon your site the other day…i also used one of your comic strip to be posted in my “under-construction” site…

    i was fascinated by your humor depicted in the drawings…keep it up and i hope to read more of your wild imaginations.

    p.s im your huge fan:)

  14. hey,

    Wat google al niet kan vinden… Ge zijt nauwelijks te herkennen op de foto’s, maar de zwarte instelling is onveranderd. Some things never change ;) . Ik weet niet of ge mijn e-mail adres kunt zien van de post, dan weet ge wie ik ben. Veel veranderd sinds de laatste keer dat we elkaar zagen. Bij u ook no doubt.

    Ben vol bewondering dat ge uw passie hebt doorgezet. Ge zijt goed!


  15. Hello

    Would it be possible to upload your whole collection to download as a whole. It would be nice to read them on my phone when I have spare time.

    Yours faithfully,

  16. Hi! I just got your “Anatomy of a Hug” for my boyfried. He loves it! I love it! Miss your updates, lets hope you have a new muse soon or maybe something brand spanking new!

  17. I like it all !I feel identified … but I know someday i will found someone who love me the same i love her!! someone who deserves me … God Bless you and continue like that!! :D

    P.S. I have a best friend too … that im in love with her … but she acts like the cartoon she doesnt like me like a boyfriend but she needs me alot … because she has demonstrated to me, and that hurts.

  18. I haven’t checked your site for a while but I just noticed you uploaded your whole entire archive! I asked about uploading the entire archive before, thanks!:)

    Great to see your adding more to your happysad collection

    Yours Sincerely,

  19. Hey,

    ‘k Wou ff zeggen hoe leuk je cartoontjes zijn. Alsof niet 100-en mensen dat al beaamt hebben. En dat ook niet hebben opgemerkt. Een ware kunstenaar hier die all the questions en all the possible answers omzet in… kunst :)

  20. I just love your happysad collums… I found it by accident… and i just fell compleatly in love with it… Doesnt go a day without me beeing in here and read some of you stuff. I have a lot of laughs. Keep up the good work. :) Thanks :)

  21. Love the happysad series. I have an “almost teen” son and we like and enjoy to read them together. I have no words to thank you for that (one of my favorite moments of the day).
    Congratulations and greetings from Mexico city :)
    Keep up the good work.

  22. Grandioso !!! No se como fui a dar con esta pagina tan maravillosa pero me encantan sus caricaturas. Soy de Mexico y aqui ya te estoy recoemdando con algunos amigos que gustan de tan buen humor.

  23. Hey Jeroen! Wat een geweldige strips! Erg relatable. Ik zou je aanmoedigen om een tumblr te maken zodat mensen zich kunnen abboneren op je strips en je misschien een groter publiek kan bereiken (als dat al je doel is). In elk geval, veel succes! :)

  24. Ik heb vandaag nog niet veel productiefs gedaan, het ontdekken van jouw comic is daarvoor verantwoordelijk :-)

    Geweldige cartoon, dankjewel!

  25. I just want to say I stumbled upon your comic and fell in love. I was really down and your comics perked me up. Thank-you so much! I well definitely not just be a passer by :D

  26. Am 1 of those freaks who came across 1 of ur cartoons on google and den read allllll of them in 1 go…Absolutely luuuurrrrrvvv them…great work!!!!

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