The complete Happysad series

The Happysad Archive has moved to a new location!

Go to:

NEW since November 2012: download the first 6 years of Happysad in handy iBooks format for your iPad.

Just go to iTunes or your iBooks app and search for “Happysad”

Or you can download them as pdf-files too.

(With many thanks to Coral Gonzalez for making it all possible!)

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  2. Hi Kat, You need to first download the eBook to your cmutoper and uncompressed the .zip file, by double-clicking. The eBook is in a .PDF format. Once you have the .PDF eBook you can transfer it to your iPad through iTunes. Open iTunes and drag the .PDF eBook file from your desktop over to the books tag in iTunes. The file will load up in iTunes and then be available to transfer to your iPad or iPhone. The eBook will appear in the iBooks app. Let me know this works for you. Thanks for asking.

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