Where’s the new stuff?

I’m still getting insane amounts of hits on my website, so I suppose there’s a lot of people out there who are waiting for new Happysad material.
Please bear with me… I’m still trying to make new stuff up, but lately I’ve been having a really shitty time and unfortunately it is NOT the kind of shit that would bring heaps of inspiration – apparently. So let’s hope things return to their normal shitty state soon, so Happysad can make (another) comeback.
In the meanwhile, any kind of encouragement would be really welcome.


One thought on “Where’s the new stuff?

  1. Don’t worry man, the greatest creative minds get writersblock. I’d suggest listening to Sean Lennon’s “Friendly Fire” it’s an amazingly depressing album that has the happiest undertone about life to it. It feels like some of the HappySads. I can’t say much more, I just found these great images that you create and I’m still obsorbing the initial wonder of all the ones I haven’t seen, at this rate (as far as I’m concerned) you have plenty of time before the need for new ones is overbearing. You should watch the free hugs video, it makes me smile everytime. Good luck Jereon, I look forward to the return of your inspirational art.


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