Hi there stumblers!

I’ve been StumbledUpon again. More than 2000 visitors yesterday!

That’s a nice feeling, but of course my heart goes out especially to the approx. 400 people who keep returning├é┬áhere every day. You guys (and girls)! :-)

12 thoughts on “Hi there stumblers!

  1. I stumbleupon’d here about a week ago and liked it, so I just grabbed the RSS feed! It’s easier than checking back anwyay. :P

  2. Every day I have it confirmed again just why I visit – I’ve yet to see a cartoon (or indeed a kartoen!) that didn’t make me sigh or grin

  3. 10 days on, Stumbleupon still likes you
    and since I just read through all 4 parts of your archive in a single sitting, it appears I do too

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