Fan art: Brendan

This contribution from Brendan is dead funny AND spot on! Now how come I never thought of that?


Well done, Brendan!

7 thoughts on “Fan art: Brendan

  1. It works the other way around too (women seeming to be more attractive when they have a boyfriend).

    Ahum.. apparently the attraction people perceive to feel when someone has a partner is caused by certain hormones which your body produces when you are in love and/or are very sexually active.

    Pretending to have a girlfriend will not have any effect as those hormones are not being produced.

  2. Bahaha!
    So very true!
    ..But I find that I also seem in demand when single but ‘emotionally unavailable’, surely pheromones can’t be resposible for that.
    The mind boggles.
    I think I might just be cursed though as another strange unexplainable phenomenon occurs the second I get really comfortable in a relationship; the moment at which I think “oo yes! this relationship feels secure enough to embrace fully”, the relationship suffers a fatal brain haemorrhage and keels over instantly. Its kind of funny in a way.

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