Fan art: Mikael and Ranaway

Mikael from Sweden came up with this deep, philosophical insight:


And we end these series with a wonderful contribution by another Happysad regular. Ranaway from Poland drew what I’ve been waiting for for a long time: the female perspective.


Is it humanly possible to hit the nail on the head any harder than that?
Thank you, Mikael and Ranaway!

16 thoughts on “Fan art: Mikael and Ranaway

  1. Hats off to Ranaway! Spot on!!!

    Did he draw this himself? It’s exceedingly close to Jeroen’s drawing style!

    BTW, Jeroen, some suggestions which might be a source for future cartoons (should you ever be in search for inspiration):

    - flashforward to 10 years later (with possible alternative scenarios);
    - he finds another girl and she’s verrrrrry jealous;
    - he decides to leave to another country for a while;
    - he finds another job and meets lots of new people;

    And, on a totally different level, why not do some mash-ups? Kartoen meets Lectrr for example?

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work!

  2. She. ;) No I used Jeroen drawings.
    Suggestions made by e-Mino are excellent ;) I have one more – maybe He will be found by art patron, and will be famous for a while? And there for example he finds his love…

  3. LOL. Ranaway is a girl, e-Mino! Girls can be creative too, you know :-) Even though here she obviously recycled some my drawings, adding her own text. But I’m perfectly fine with that, the result is awesome.

    Thanks for the suggestions but that’s not the way it works man. Life tells me what to draw.

  4. @ Ranaway, sorry!

    So let me rephrase my praise: SHE used Jeroen’s drawings in a wonderful way. Way to go girllll! ;-)

    Another possible suggestion: he tries a complete change (becomes a beatnik or a yuppy or whatever) and she’s both fascinated and yet a bit thrown aback by the change.

    So many possibilities to explore…

  5. @ Jeroen, just seen your reaction now: let me then hope that life brings you not only a good load of joy and happiness, but also much inspiration!

    (and now I feel compulsed to say ‘Amen’ to that…)

  6. Haha thank you Jeroen :)

    I like Ranaways allot to be honest.
    But to be even more honest do I love yours the most Jeroen.

  7. Both brilliant!
    *gets goosebumps*

    Mikael, may I use those perfect strings of words?
    I’d been struggling with how to put something in a letter to someone who means a great deal (well, everything actually) to me, and those four little boxes might just say everything that needs to be said.

  8. Ranaway is exactly right! I’m a girl with this problem, a guy who’ll never be more than a friend is trying way to hard lately. How do I fix this? HOw to I tell him he’s not the one for me?

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