10 thoughts on “Magical formula

  1. Mayo you must sacrifice food and drink to the gods if you truly want their help hehe, just don’t ask them for nonsence becuse then they won’t help you at alla. (Sorry had to say that :P, I belive in the old gods, the ones the viking belivead in.)

    No honestly, the right words can make any heart smelt.

  2. yes, i know you’re right. If you say or do things at the right moment, right place, it can really help ^^ I don’t believe that a god could help me or someone else. Only me and you can help ourselves ;)

  3. I don’t know about the “turn-on lines”, but a guy who can spend an entire evening without saying any “turn-of lines” is a true miracle.

  4. He said to me in a perfect moment -
    “I can’t begin to tell you how thinking of you affects me …but I will try….
    It’s this feeling… like some amazing substance is constantly being poured into me.”

    And in that perfect moment I knew my heart would belong to him forever.

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