11 thoughts on “Blame game

  1. wow!

    just finished the last happysad…took me about 4 days to go through all of the 800 something comics…wonderful.

    am officially in love….say, how far is leuven from cologne?

  2. Our competitiveness is more hidden than men’s. . all the fighting in girl world has to be sneaky. Thus, making us the more complicated beings, and always wind up on top (in most cases).

  3. Oh my goodness. I just spent a great bit of time delving through all of your comics, using a whole box of tissues in the process. Some of them are so sad… and others are so cute! I am very impressed. Keep them coming. (:

  4. @Nikola AND Jeroen: and the trainride from Leuven to Köln does not take long. No need to even change trains.
    (just me, being helpful …)
    btw: LOVE this cartoon

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