9 thoughts on “Winter blues

  1. In winter.. the cold make us “blue”, and wish to be warm with someone.
    In spring… the hot make us “idem” with all that skin showing around… and make us wish to be “sweating” with someone.
    In summer… the rain make us nostalgic, just stuck at home… and again… wish to be in home… you know.
    In autumm… the falling of the leaves, a little cooler air… well I guess you get the point, don’t you?

    All the f… year we are wishin’ to be with someone!!!


  2. Lauz, in that very moment you made better point than Jeoren (sorry mate!) and I love it! Oh well, not actually love it (’cause it’s f.cking sad) but admire your great prose ;)

  3. “Oh look, it’s started to snow!”

    What a coincidence, we woke up with snow this morning (25 November) here in Montreal. XD

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