8 thoughts on “Curb your enthusiasm

  1. Where do you get your info from?! Same as the last cartoon, so not true (for me at least)! Pleaaaase show a girl that your interrested, just don’t overdo it ;)

  2. This is one I would submit to StumbleUpon if it weren’t because you don’t like it.

    Keep the comics going. :)

  3. You are walking on a thin ice recently :)
    Noooo ok this time is not true at all. last time it was ok – we get interested when we don’t get everything without trying (of course we also want to get, not to be gotten). But keeping cool and pretending that “oh I’m not into you, yes we like each other but waaaait don’t misinterpret it that I’m dying to be with you”… makes a girl believe that:

    a) another time I thought it will be something more (additionally plus : there is something wrong with me)
    b) he has other girls and tests them (works also with: there is something wrong with me)

    You know what I think? We should definitely all together with Jeroen’s cartoons, and all our comments about relationships, what to do or not publish a book “Truth and myths of how to date”

  4. That’s how it is.. they end up with the people who dare. The rest of us are meant to suffer, because that’s what we truly deserve (not saying it’s right.. not by far.. )

  5. There isn’t anything wrong with guys showing they’re interested in girls, just as long as they don’t become creepers in the process! :P

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