We have a wiener

Oh, right, almost forgot I had promised to show you the cartoon I won the Leuven Draait contest with. Well, this is it:

Translation: “Dear diary…”

I find that explaining jokes tends to ruin them, but I’ll make an exception in this case. This cartoon may have been slightly inspired by my experience working closely with a (now former) banking CEO – you know, one of those high profile guys that are now getting all the flak for the financial crisis. Believe it or not, but he was (and still is) a great guy in my book, and I’ve witnessed how, in the end, these men are just people like you & me. Only with more money :)

5 thoughts on “We have a wiener

  1. Cool. You deserved it. We miss the lil’ guy though, but I’m kinda making my own now.. and I think I can relate to why you would consider stopping the series.. I’ve done maybe 2 handfuls of ‘oh god, I so want her’-strips and I’m already loosing my mind, so.. I’d say good for you.

    But plllease come up with something else for us then? Focus on the _good_ things in your life? ;)

  2. great work! :) I really like the colours and the concept (but yeah, without explanation I wouldn’t guess why is it funny :P)

    Miss little guy, really miss. Something? anything? If your worries that you have written before would be true we might put a password or a secret page that she will never find :> Oh come on, Jeoren. Make our day! ;)

    Or a story about your great career. From the beginning to now. How from a little artist you made such great success in the Web and you got prize. Doesn’t your ego shout right now “yeah, let me out!”…

    Counting on you! :)) Cheers!

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