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Believe it or not, but some crazy people have managed to get so addicted to Happysad, that they viewed ALL the cartoons in one go after they discovered them. Because this blog format is not the easiest way to do so, I created the Happysad archives on, which offers slightly less crappy navigation. Now there’s yet another option. You can download all Happysad cartoons in one large zip-file (35 Mb!), right here:

What you will get: 990 gif files, in chronological order. Yes this means about ten cartoons are missing, and I have no idea which ones. Sorry.

What you’ll be missing: the titles of the cartoons, which many times do add to the content of the joke. And, of course, all of the comments.

Let me know if anything isn’t working, it’s the first time I’m using Dropbox.

15 thoughts on “Downloadable Happysad archive

  1. Make a book and sell it! All of us will buy it…
    have you seen the success of You will be even more successful, so please print a book!

  2. Hi,

    I checked which files are missing from the zip archive compared to what I downloaded a few weeks ago from (by comparing md5 hashes). I found 12 missing comics, all from March 2009. Here is the list:


    Oops, just noticed beat’s post. He found even more, great work! He just missed 20090308_brainalarm.gif ;)

    So, hopefully the archive is complete then.

    Thanks for your great comics. Good luck with whatever you do.

  3. One more vote for the book! I’m sure you’ve got many other things going on in your life, but if the opportunity arises, print a book. Even if it doesn’t make you much money, it WILL give you much more of a legacy than a website could ever do.

    Anyway, thanks for the archive, that’s wicked. Reading them on my phone now. It’s awesome!

  4. hey ! I read all the comics in the downloadable archive in one day, it’s awesome, even though it got me pretty depressed.
    Anyway, keep on rocking an come to France !

  5. Awesome reading. Not as applicable for us marrieds, but great fun. It’ll take me a week to get through, but thanks a million for the archive :)

  6. Dear Jeroen,

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful cartoons. Amost all of them are good. I love the character’s expression the most ;)

    God bless you ;)


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