6 thoughts on “Difficult

  1. errr… This should solve the dilemma:
    This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to persons living or dead (unless explicitly noted) is merely coincidental

  2. @Mike: That doesn’t work. I have that as standard disclaimer on my comic, and yet my friends get mad at me, if I do stuff they feel is a tad too private (even though none other than me and them know what it’s about and the comic really is kind of anonymous.. )

  3. Oh, according to a German blogger, it’s simple to solve: stick close to reality, and people won’t recognize themselves. While on the other hand, if you simplify or exaggerate, people will identify themselves with the character.
    Though in this case, it might be a bit difficult. Guess most people don’t have too many long distance relationships and old “best friend” crushes… ;)
    But hey, you could still say “it’s been about some old / any friends relationship, just drawn with you so readers aren’t confused…”

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