Maintenance time

No cartoon today, as I’m very uninspired today. Also, in the next hours / days (?) there ‘ll be some behind-the-scenes tweaking of my site, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that I don’t totally screw it up (in which case you’ll probably won’t be able to read this anyway…)


*edit on Saturday: You guys! I’m loving the comments on this post. They remind me of the song Message in a Bottle by The Police :-)

The tweaking has been done now, but unfortunately, in the meanwhile, I’ve caught the flu and a bad cold. So the past few days I’ve mostly spent in bed… I’m getting better now, but please give me a few more days to get back on my feet, and than Happysad will return too. Thanks again for the encouragements!

30 thoughts on “Maintenance time

  1. Hii! I just discovered your cartoons yesterday.. They’re awesome, been reading all the way back to 2008.. and tonight when I get home I’m going to read the rest. :D I’m sad there’s no comic today.. :( But I hope you’ll get more inspiration soon again. ^_^

    Good luck tweaking your website! :)

  2. Hey :) maybe while tweaking your site, you could also create the facebook happysad fan page? just to let us show to the others that we are in love with your wonderful comics? :)
    Good luck with everything!

  3. You know, not only your comics are keeping our hopes up for that “someone special”, they are also reminding us that there are still a lot of dreamers and romantics out there and we shouldn’t loose hope that the special someone, our puzzle, is out there, waiting, maybe reading this particular web comic. Sincerely, after dropping all that as a peace of you-know-what, I’ve came back to waiting to that person after reading this, and now I am certain that he is worth it, no matter how long it takes, whatever it takes for us to find our pieces and be one whole of a person. Thank you! <3

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