The end?

And now, I’m off for a few weeks. Going on holiday, relax and reload the batteries, maybe get some inspiration, find a muse… and as always, think about where I’m going with this cartoon. Yes, it’s one of those dreadful end-of-season cliffhangers!

Stay tuned, and goodbye for now :-)


13 thoughts on “The end?

  1. good luck catching those fishes… muses… whatever you catch (although better protect yourself from some stuff ;p)

  2. Eeee, don’t do that to me, I’ve just got back from being in hospital for 9 months and I saw that and thought that you’d give up the cartoon.

    Phew, can’t wait to see you back.

  3. Yes, 9 long long LONG months, I am better, but I won’t ever be the way I was before I got sick, but thems the breaks, and gee it is so good to be back home again.

    In my own bed.

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