In case you would have missed the latest post on the Facebook Happysad fan page yesterday: my old friend Bart inspired me to come up with this creation here:

I call it Happycat.

Word has it that using cat characters hugely increases your internet fame (well, on Reddit perhaps…). So, internet, should I start a new series with this feline hero? (I’ll give you a hint: probably not).


9 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Beating Garfield is hard, and probably impossible, but you should try anyway! You can also use sloth, or hedgehog – zebras and penguins should be good, and they are black and white so less trouble ;P

  2. It might as well be a cat :) as long as we get some comics!
    I wonder if the cat has more or less luck with the opposite sex (or maybe it’s gay..?) so many options. We just neeeed to know now!

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