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  3. omg haha thats me and my friend’s favorite word too.. aha idk how we came to know of it, but once we knew there was actually a word for that.. well we had to make it our favorite. awesome comic!

  4. i felt kinda stupid when i had to look up the word…but knowing the definition made the comic SO much better. love it!

  5. To the folks that are criticizing the spelling…

    Did any of you consider that it was misspelled on purpose?

  6. “Callipygous” and its antonym “steatopygous” are two “words of the day” that I teach my sophomores in college.

    In the comic strip, I would liked to have seen “definitely” spelled correctly. Even my eight-year-old grandniece (second grade) can spell that word appropriately! (She knows the word does not have an “a” in it.)

  7. I KNOW I spelled definitely wrong, and being a bit of a spelling nazi myself, I would correct it right away. But this cartoon dates back 3,5 years and changing it now would feel like changing history. So I won’t.

  8. callipygous (adj) – pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks; “the quest for the callipygian ideal”

    That’s really funny. Good use of the dictionary in the online comic world.

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