New Happysad t-shirt design!

Let’s give this another try…

You may well remember how lots and lots of fans were asking for Happysad tees, how I finally uploaded one of the most popular cartoons (the Lost in Translation one) to, to see what would happen.

What happened was: ONE person bought the t-shirt. Can you possibly imagine what a unique item this person now owns? The only Happysad Lost in Translation t-shirt in the whole wide world! I don’t even have one of those! And can you imagine how incredibly filthy rich this person will be when they put it up for sale on eBay in a few years, when I’ve become world famous?! The best part is: they will be incredibly rich AND own a Lost in Translation shirt, because they ordered it twice! :-)

So do you want to be rich too? Well now ‘s your chance! I finally followed the advice of all those visitors who suddenly felt a bit less like buying a shirt “because it was too detailed”, and I’ve uploaded a new design. It’s a slightly reworked version of the desktop background image I once posted here. It even contains… a dash of colour!

So go and check it out now, at !

6 thoughts on “New Happysad t-shirt design!

  1. It’s a very cute design, and I like it lots. The only problem is that, well, it’s cafepress, and honestly I’ve never had a good experience with them. I adore your comic, though, and will definitely sport a shirt if you ever have the resources to have one made elsewhere (I know that involves a lot more cost and effort and such, so don’t think I’m saying that you’re wrong in not doing that.) This may be the reasoning behind others also not buying the shirt.

  2. Hey don’t go ruining it after just half an hour! :-)

    Honestly, I don’t know about Cafepress service and quality. Before I chose them I read a LOT of reviews and such, and typically, some were really good and some really bad comments, so I knew even less in the end. But they are one of the very few who handle real international shipping. If you (or anyone else) have a better alternative, please let me know. It’s not that I’m married to Cafepress or anything.

  3. LOL, I win!

    I love that particular cartoon, and in fact am wearing the T-Shirt today, because they only just arrived yesterday! (You can’t accuse the shipping of being exactly speedy)

    (To be fair, the only reason I bought two T-shirts was because of finger trouble on the Cafe Press website, I only intended to buy one!)

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