21 thoughts on “Always wondered what they’d look like…

  1. Hell. I see the comic and first thing pops into my mind – I need to go to the comment section and write that I always imagined her blonde.

    So, sixth’d?

  2. With as much as she reminded me of my not-girlfriend, I imagined her as a darker blonde. That’s a huge part of the benefit of sticking to line art… it really allows people to imagine themselves as the characters.

  3. Well that was strange, I thought “I have to comment that I thought she was blonde”, and I see I’m the umpteenth.

    Really though, we’re all just glad to see the dude and his muse, in any form.

  4. I think the reason we all think she is blond is because her hair is not colored in the comic. In the black and white comic world one would think that unfilled (white) hair would refer to blond and filled (black) hair to anything darker.
    That was especially obvious when Yonderland girls hair color changed.

  5. Come on, guys. I can’t be the only one who has never thought of her as a blondie? I always pictured her brown-haired. (Maybe even dark, but Yonderland girl made me realize she wasn’t.)

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