Fan art: Mikael and Ranaway

Mikael from Sweden came up with this deep, philosophical insight:


And we end these series with a wonderful contribution by another Happysad regular. Ranaway from Poland drew what I’ve been waiting for for a long time: the female perspective.


Is it humanly possible to hit the nail on the head any harder than that?
Thank you, Mikael and Ranaway!

Fan art: Jonas and Sander

This is something different by Jonas:


This really reminds me of Elftor. Anyone have any idea whatever happened to that webcomic?


Finally, Sander poses a good question: are we supposed to just wait here until Jeroen comes back? Why yes you are, but the wait is almost over! The Real Happysad will be back in two days!

Thanks Jonas and Sander!

Fan art: Vlad and Mike

I’m going to post two cartoons at once, because – tun-tun-tuuuh – I’ve started drawing a new series of Happysad cartoons! So this is the last call for fan art! I have a some more entries coming up, and then normal programming will resume when those are published.


Vlad’s entry reminds me of that quote:

Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, “Where’s the ceiling?”

Mike is a guy I know from his many comments on my cartoons. Now he’s made one himself. Should I comment?


Now what is it with the moon and the stars guys? :-)

Fan art: Peter

I can always count on my good pal Peter for the somewhat more ‘subtle’ touch.


That guy on the right is one of our mutual friends, one of the last remaining single guys I know. As you can see, that is just one thing we share.