I’ll be back…

OK, so my demands haven’t been met yet. Surprise surprise.

But as a sign of good will, I will start releasing some hostag… uhm, new cartoons in a few days. I’ve managed to scrape some inspiration from the bottom of the well, and starting Wednesday, I’ll start publishing again, if that’s okay with you.

BTW, one of my friends suggested I’d only publish on week days, and not in the weekend. Good idea or not?


Dear Friends,

with this cartoon, I’m announcing another break.

These are stressful times for anyone working in the financial industry – like me – and to be honest, my mind hasn’t exactly been set to making up cutesy little drawings about love and desire in the last few days. So I’m suspending Happysad – bailing out, if you will – until things clear up a bit, OR… well, see the cartoon above.

I know some of you need their daily fix of Happysad. Why not browse through the Happysad archives on www.happysad.be for a while? I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen all 750 cartoons yet!

Hope to be back soon. (I’m not ‘actually’ going away so keep those comments coming!)