Fan art: Leo, again

OK so I know I’m not supposed to pick favourites… But Leo came back with a great new cartoon because his other one was a bit too bitter. Made me LOL and ROTFLMAO too. Real hardcore Happysad fans will know who the dude in the last panel is supposed to look like :-)

Love it! Thanks Leo!

Fan art: Hooligan

First up: I’m closing the door to new fan art entries! I have a few more lined up, and that’s enough for now. I love the strong response, but it’s time I came up with some new stuff of my own. Don’t want to get lazy… :-)

Next up is another regular commenter: Hooligan! He slapped a cartoon together on the back of an important work paper, and suggested that I would re-draw his idea. Haha, NOT!

I said everyone was free to do make a cartoon in their own way, so this is proof:

Thanks Hooligan!

Fan art: Leo

Before we go to Shilpa’s second cartoon, here’s the entry from another former contributor, Leo.

Gee, this is bitter, even for my taste! Bitter, like really dark chocolate, filled with phenylethylamine, the stuff your body also produces when you’re in love…

Thanks Leo! Get well soon ;-)

Fan art: Shilpa

After two years, Shilpa returns with a new entry, illustrating nicely how things can change over time, with a very original approach :-)

Shilpa actually sent in two fan art contributions. The next one will follow soon!