Fan art: René

Regular commenter René rightly pointed out that he had (spontaneously) sent me fan art some time ago. I didn’t publish it then because it didn’t really fit in the Happysad concept, but then again, who cares?

René has already proven to have a bit of a dirty mind, and this cartoon is no exception :-)

Thanks R. !

Fanart: Hamish

It’s probably no suprise that our first entry (and only entry so far…!) comes from Hamish himself:

He makes up for the lack of hands by adding a feature that’s also missing in the other cartoons: colour! Thanks Hamish :-)


Look what I found in the mail today…

Hand crafted, all the way from Yonderland!

Now, on a semi-related note… My fan Hamish asked me this week if I was planning on collecting any more fan art. Now, since I seem to be a bit stuck in an inspiration situation lately, that actually sounded like a good idea. It’s been ages since my last call for fan art! So: if you would like to create your very own Happysad cartoon, in any way you like, and see it published here, then this is your chance. Send the fruit of your creativity to kartoen (at) gmail (dot) com!