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I'm a cartoonist. Yeah, a real one, I swear. It's just because man cannot live on bread alone that I just happen to work in a bank, also.

Get busy living

Get busy living

Just wanted to say hi to people like Rita, boodie, Bogusz, Sadaf and jom_ina.loo and all the others who keep returning here every now and then, and let you all know that I’m doing well. Thank you for your kind words. I hope this comic can provide a little relief, if only temporarily.

Date a guy who draws cartoons

Inspired by Don’t date a girl who travels, Date a girl who travels, and Date a Guy who draws.

Date a guy who draws cartoons. He will make light of the absurdity of life. He will always look for ways to make you smile, even in the darkest of moments. He will not ignore the darkness, but will use it to his advantage. Despite his superficially cynical attitude, he will offer you a worldview which is fundamentally optimistic.

Date a guy who draws cartoons. He will show you the world through his eyes, making you see how his perception shapes his reality. He will surprise you with his unique take on life, the universe, and everything. He will help you see things in a different light (…all the things you detest, you will almost like).

Date a guy who draws cartoons. He’ll venture to lay bare the essence of things. He will find beauty in ugliness, truth in lies, and hope in desperation. He’ll find inspiration in anything you throw at him.

Especially date a guy who draws cartoons about you. He will immortalise you. Nothing will stroke your ego more than being an artist’s muse. He will, however, stop you from becoming conceited by shedding a gentle light on your less flattering qualities.

He will never hide his own less flattering qualities.

He may reduce your appearance to a handful of simple dots and lines, but will still picture you as a real human being. He will idolise you and kick you off your pedestal at the same time. He’ll make you prettier without Photoshop.

Date a guy who draws cartoons about you. He will talk to you for hours on end and pick your brain, trying to discover the essence of you. He will try to show you a you even you have never seen before. He will aspire to make you love yourself just as much as he does.

He will sometimes be brutally honest, but will be so in the gentlest of ways. He will not use humour as a weapon, nor as a shield, but as a pillow. Sometimes he will challenge your views. Even if he agrees with you, he will feel obliged to play the devil’s advocate, in order to make you rethink your predispositions.

He will question everything, except for how important you are to him.

And he will always, always love you.


My poor neglected Happysad fans! I’m so sorry for disregarding you so much lately…

But a bit of guilt is the only negative feeling I harbour right now. Because to be honest, lately I’ve been just so busy with FEELING GOOOOD! Oh yeah :-)

So… Finally happy then? Well certainly not sad anymore. Anyone remember those New Year’s resolutions I made last year? I may not have kept all of them (the physical exercise thingy still needs work…) but looking back, things have definitely improved for me in the past year. I’ve done lots of fun things, got many cartoon assignments, left my comfort zone a few times (as strongly encouraged by Yonderland girl), met lovely people, and got much more relaxed and self-confident in general.

Maybe it is true then, maybe life does begin at 40 :-) And maybe, just maybe, it proves it was a good decision to step away from a comic that required getting into a certain downbeat state of mind time and again.

But nonetheless, I feel that my loyal visitors deserve a little treat. So without further ado, I present to you a Happysad encore, about something that – as per usual – may or may not have happened in Yonderland. Enjoy!