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I'm a cartoonist. Yeah, a real one, I swear. It's just because man cannot live on bread alone that I just happen to work in a bank, also.

Better late than never

OK, I know I’m late with this:

Actually I believed people would have pretty much forgotten about Happysad by now. But I did post this on the Happysad Facebook page, and was really surprised by the amount of likes and comments. I’m reposting it here so all you non-Facebookers out there don’t get left out (and also because Yonderland girl kicked my ass into gear. Thanks dear).



In case you would have missed the latest post on the Facebook Happysad fan page yesterday: my old friend Bart inspired me to come up with this creation here:

I call it Happycat.

Word has it that using cat characters hugely increases your internet fame (well, on Reddit perhaps…). So, internet, should I start a new series with this feline hero? (I’ll give you a hint: probably not).