One of those days

You know those days where you miss a train, shrug your shoulders, take another train, see your connecting train leave right in front of you, get home eventually, turn on the pc to enjoy new comments on your site and it … appears to be… DOWN?

Suddenly, no more, no more Happysad, no more nice visitors! AAAAaaaay! I felt so utterly lost!

My baby, somebody took my baby!! :-)

Maybe you noticed it too. Of course, there were just some ‘intermittent network issues‘ with my webhost – nothing I should be panicking about. But still, it really did feel like I’d lost a limb or something. I guess it’s just another thing they should add to those “10 signs you’re addicted to the internet”-lists.

Jeroen (still touching wood!)

P.S. Rachael, happy birthday ;-)