I’m not as think as you drunk I am


For the occasion, I’ve made up my own Happysad drinking game. Feel free to suggest more rules if you want!

  • Expression of painful recognition in comments: 1 sip.
  • Someone adds “aww” to the comments: 1 sip.
  • I (apparently) contradict myself in whatever I’ve just published: too easy, no drinking. Yet.
  • Someone actually points out the logic in said perceived contradiction: yeay, finish your drink in one go!
  • Any sentence in a cartoon starting with “Hey”, “Well” or “So”: 1 sip.
  • Reference to ex-gf: drink with me, my friend – 2 sips.
  • Someone points out scientific incorrectness about some far-fetched geeky reference I made: just 1 sip (there is always one).
  • Comment in Dutch: 2 sips for anyone who doesn’t speak it. Een goei pint voor al de rest.
  • I announce a short break for so-called lack of inspiration: keep on drinking until I return!
  • I return with sh*tload of new Happysad ideas: finish the bottle to celebrate!
  • Announcement of yet another bandwidth upgrade: you buy ME a drink.
  • Boobies: 1 sip per boobie.
  • A cartoon manages to present an age-old cliche re. men & women in a relatively new way: 0.5 sips (don’t want you to get drunk too fast).
  • Female reader acknowledges deep truth in said cartoon: 3 sips.
  • Male reader remembers this actually happening IRL: drink as much as you like man, it won’t help you forget.
  • You can see the characters’ feet: 3 sips.
  • You can see the characters’ arms: 300 sips.
  • Someone actually contributes >1$ to my Paypal donate account: CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!!