Hi again

Hello dear friends of mine! How is everybody doing out there? You’re probably wondering the same thing about me, what with me completely abandoning you all and stuff. This site is sort of getting this feel:

It’s basically just become a mausoleum, a shrine of rememberance for A Comic That I Used To Draw. And that’s what it’s going to stay until I come up with something new. I can’t just throw it all away now, can I? Besides, without doing anything at all, I’m still attracting a fairly steady 300 to 400 (and sometimes more) visitors a day. Isn’t that something? And, last but not least, there is also a certain muse who claims she still returns to look for new stuff every day. Hi sweetie! :-)

Anything, for lack of anything better, let me just give you a small update about myself. I’m still quite busy with all sorts of cartooning assignments. What a contrast to the start of the year when I almost thought I might have to close down business. It’s weird how that goes: first nothing, and then a bunch of new jobs at the same time. Makes my bank account happy :-) So yeah, I’m still busy, but pretty soon I’ll make a nice little cartoon specially for all of you, promised!