Monday update

Now I have stopped drawing Happysad cartoons, it’s only natural that my daily visitor count has fallen back. Now it seems to be stabilized at between 400 and 700 a day. Still so many visitors, and I don’t have to do anything for it, tee hee! :-)

But I know that some of them are Real Fans who keep coming back every now and then looking for updates, and so, to reward your loyalty, here’s a small update about how things are going. I’m only going to tell you nice things. First off, it’s taken a very long time, but I think that spring is finally coming to my country. Oh yeah. Lots of fun stuff ahead as people end their hibernation! I’m also looking forward to the summer, because I already know where I’ll be travelling to. This year, it ‘ll be Costa Rica! If you happen to be over there, send me a mail. Maybe we can meet up :-)

More good news is that I finally got new cartooning assignments, and I hope that means things will pick up again now. And few days ago I saw that one of our national newspapers (well, their website at least) is looking for new cartoonists, so naturally I applied! Now I’m waiting for a reply, and of course while nothing is certain yet (I’m sure there will be lots of competition), my friends have been so supportive, it already makes me feel, well, you know… happy.

So keep your fingers crossed for me. The more often I get back to the drawing board, the quicker inspiration for something new might pop up :-)