Hey everyone

I’m back from my trip, and I have some good news for you. No, I haven’t brought an exotic new muse back with me, sorry :-) But upon my return, I received an e-mail from Coral from Mexico, who has made the first 6 Happysad iBooks, and who let me know she has now finished the 7th and final one as well. So for those of you who were waiting for the 2012 edition: it is now available (for free) in the Apple iBook Store – just search for ‘Happysad’.

Once again, many many thanks to Coral, who again spared no effort to turn it in a truly lovely, beautiful book!

Indidently, I finally bought that new iPad, meaning I can finally read the iBooks myself (didn’t work on my first gen iPad…). That’s been a most interesting experience. Thanks to the combination of new technology and an aging memory, it feels like I’m often reading these comics for the first time. In other words, I’m sort of discovering them the way you probably once did :-)  Funny how they’re sometimes odd, embarrassing, or downright ‘what the hell was I thinking?’ awkward. But most of the time they’re just genious, of course :-D

Warm greetings,