Hello world

I keep getting e-mails from people telling me they’ve only just discovered Happysad. Some of them add that they’ve taken about 4 or 5 hours going through all 1050 episodes at once (freaks! :-) ). Some asked me why I don’t draw more updates. Because not everyone was here from the very beginning over three years ago, I’d like to answer these questions now.

The fact is that in the past I used to publish one cartoon every day, with the occasional break inbetween, which hardly ever lasted more than a week. Somehow I managed to keep up this pace until Happysad #1000, but by then I was really exhausted. Up to the point where I was seriously considering ending the series.

But after more than three years, the cartoon had somehow become a part of myself, so I couldn’t just throw it away. Moreover, I keep getting so many lovely reactions from people all over the world, I’d hate to dissapoint anyone. So I followed the advice many people gave me and now I only publish new stuff whenever I feel like it, inspiration strikes and/or I have the time for it.

Two things have changed since the beginning. First of all, I’m moving on with my life, so I don’t always feel tormented enough to get really inspired :-). Secondly, I also take cartoon assignments on a commercial basis, and this side job is taking up ever more of my (ample) free time. This is why it sometimes takes a while before I get to publishing new Happysads.

Patience is a virtue. I should know.

In ending, I can’t thank you guys enough for all the great comments and e-mails I get. It really means a lot for me :-)