Lookalikes (?)

Fairly often when I get asked to draw cartoons, it turns out people are actually looking for charicatures. Then I have to explain again that those are two very different ‘disciplines’, and that drawing a good charicature is really difficult. I’m always in awe of artists who have that talent. So while I usually turn down those requests, every now and then I do give one a try, with mixed results.

Here are two I recently made, and again I need to apologise immediately for yet another pair of Flemish inside jokes…  I promise that pretty soon I’ll try my hand on a global celebrity – suggestions are always welcome. But now, without further ado:

Recognisable enough? The guys at the newspaper didn’t think so. These were turned down as well. Oh well, keep on practicing…


Big day

I’ve mentioned it a few times recently, and now it has come: it’s my birthday today. And what a day! I’ve never mentioned my age here so I believe that most Happysad fans have no clue how old I actually am. Well, count them:

That’s right, I’m 40! Or at least, I will be tomorrow, because as I’m writing this, it is still yesterday (for you) but I will schedule this post to be published tomorrow (for me), meaning today for you. You see how things get less complicated as you get older?

Forty… sounds pretty special, doesn’t it? Friends and colleagues have been teasing me with it in recent days, but to be honest, I really don’t mind. Actually, I believe 40 is an age that suits me well.

So hell yeah man, I’m ready for it :-)



Let’s celebrate some more rejection with this cartoon. Translated for your convenience this time!

It’s pretty topical here in Belgium – it’s past half of May, and it’s still a miserly 12 degrees (C) here, cold, grey and rainy. It’s supposed to be a sunny 20 by now! But it could be worse. In the evening news, I saw it was snowing in Portugal and Spain. What the hell?

I hope the weather predictions are wrong and the real spring will return later this week. Got a big birthday coming up on Thursday… :P


So we have this Flemish newspaper, and on their website they’ve started publishing an evening edition, and for this publication, they’re looking for cartoons, and that’s why they came to me. Pretty cool story so far, right? Now, their idea was to let me (and others) send them whatever I came up with and if they like it, they’ll buy it. Not my typical way of working, but hey: exposure, right?

However, they’ve rejected everything I’ve thrown at them so far. Ouch. But hey, maybe someone else (with a different sense of humour) will enjoy them. So I offer you… my rejects!

Mind you, my international friends, these cartoons are in Dutch… The first one is translatable however.

“Great news, honey! The doctor said I have genial warts!”

Now I’m afraid the next one not only is untranslatable, but also really inexplicable to non-Flemish people. So please pardon our little topical inside joke here :-)

I have this feeling more rejected cartoons can be expected soon. Stay tuned!