Fan art: More Miguel

I said Miguel made 5 cartoons for me. I picked another one I thought was very interesting, and will keep the rest for some time later.

What intrigues me the most here, is that name. Linda. Care to explain, Miguel? :-)

P.S. Everyone, you can stop sending fan art now! I have a received plenty for now, and I’ll publish maybe just a few more, but then I have really really have to start drawing new stuff.

Fan art: Miguel

Miguel sent me no less than five of his own Happysad cartoons. I think this one has an interesting take on things:

That last question has been going through my mind as well. I have no intention of quitting just yet, but I am still struggling finding inspiration for new stuff. Could this be an explanation? You know what they say about rumours…

Fan art: Leo

You know how parents always say they love all their children equally, but secretly, they do have a favourite? Well, I’ll go ahead and admit it. I genuinely love all the fan art that’s being sent to me, and I am truly grateful to everyone who put in an effort, but I have to say… what Leo sent me really cracked me up.

That’s just… epic :-). Thanks Leo!

P.S. Is it wrong that I sort of get turned on by this?

Fan art: Sadaf

Sadaf, a fan from Muscat, Oman, sent me this conversation which he (CORRECTION: she! she!) says is based on reality. Thank you Sadaf!

Ouch! That’s kind of harsh…  OK, who wants to send me a really sweet one? I’ll publish maybe one or two more and then I really have to start making up new stuff, because these fan art contributions are making me even more lazy than I already was :-)

Fan art: Turtle

Turtle sent me this cartoon with a philosophical touch:

…giving me the opportunity to once again explain why my characters have no hands or feet. Originally, I just wanted to keep my cartoons as clean and simple as possible, and arms and hands just got in the way. Some early cartoons show legs and feet though! Anyway, much later I made the casual observation that not having arms or hands might be symbolic for people who very much want to hold each other, but can’t. Aw, how deep :-)

BTW Turtle’s story reminds me very much of Douglas Adams’ puff of logic story. (Google it, people!)