Old site, new look

Hi there!

As you can see, I’ve made some changes to the look of this site. My old template was not going along too well with the latest versions of WordPress, and although this wasn’t visible on the browser site, in the background it was generating tons of errors. So I hope I got that fixed now.

As for future updates… wait and see. For now, a big thank you for those of you who still came to visit me. You’re all lovely :-)


New Happysad archive

No cartoon today, but another big announcement!

I’ve created a new Happysad gallery, on a new site: www.happysad.be.

Now I had to improvise, and you will see that I am clearly not an experienced web designer. So for the gallery itself I used a standard tool provided by the hosting company. It’s very, very basic, and still far from perfect, but at least it’s slightly easier to navigate than the old one. If anyone would like to help me to improve the whole site somehow, starting with replacing that terribly outdated HTML homepage I made, feel free to let me know.

Happysad.be is hosted on another server, with a new host. I’ve no idea how well they cope with high traffic loads, but we’ll soon find out, won’t we? Go check it out!


Just a heads up

Due to some technical adjustments, this site may go offline temporarily somewhere next week. I don’t know yet when and for how long, but hopefully you won’t even notice it. If you do: don’t panic, I’ll be back.


A comment on hotlinking

It’s happened again… Yesterday there was a major surge in my bandwidth usage, this time because of a brazillion people all hotlinking to my Happysad cartoons from stumbleupon.com. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of me and my cartoons getting so much attention from all over the world, but I don’t want to upgrade my hosting plan every single month. This stuff costs money, and I’m still giving away Happysad for free! So anyway, after Myspace, I had to block off Stumbleupon as well.

To get things straight: YES, it is still ok to use my cartoons elsewhere, but please have the courtesy of hosting them somewhere else. Thank you!