If you like Happysad, you’ll LOVE Matt ‘Simpsons’ Groening’s Love is Hell. Yes I know, I’m 23 (!) years late, but it’s still brilliant stuff and you should check it out if you can.

And a short message in Dutch to my Belgian viewers: de nieuwe single van de Fixkes is er weer eens boenk op.

That is all.

My fantasy birthday party?

Joke (yes, that’s a real girl’s name in Dutch) created this wonderful collage for my birthday!


Cool huh? Actually, except for the explicit nudity, my real birthday party DID look pretty much like this. Quite a few people have commented that there were much more girls than guys. Pretty ones too!

Yeah, well… is it my fault that some of my best mates happen to be of the female sex? OK, it probably is. But that’s not the point. The point is… uhm… I must be “cuddly” or whatever.

O dear god.